Texas OnCourse Summer Reward Program

Texas OnCourse is implementing a Summer Reward Program awarding Texas counselors who complete select modules in the Academy between July 2019 through August 2020.


For each grouping of 5 completed modules, Texas counselors are awarded $80

Texas Counselors are allowed to complete all modules for a total of $480


Payments will be processed within 30 days for eligible users provided a PIF (Payee Information Form) is on file or completed within a timely manner. Texas Counselors are responsible for submitting a new request form each time they’ve completed additional modules that meet our lowest eligibility. For example, a Texas counselor may submit one request form after completing all the modules or they may choose to submit several request forms for each set of 5 modules completed.


Request form available here


Do I need a PIF (Payee Information Form) or UT Austin EID on file with the university to be paid?


Do I need to provide my SSN to complete a PIF?


How do I get a PIF on file? 

Submit the request form above and you will be contacted to complete a PIF to begin the payment process.  

I am a DACA recipient, do I qualify?


Where is my money?

Eligibility checks occur weekly and payments are processed within 30 days of upload of eligible users to Business Operations.

Delay in payment could be due to not having a PIF on file. Check your email inbox and spam folder for the email you provided in the request form.

How do I update my email address? 


How do I change my occupation? 



Can I earn a stipend if I have received stipends in the past?

Yes. You can earn stipends for the modules you have completed since July 15th, even if you earned a stipend in the previous year.

What if I can’t remember when I completed the modules?

  If you do not remember if you have completed the modules this academic year, go ahead and submit your request and our data team will confirm completion dates, and you will receive the reward amount you are eligible for.

How do I know which modules to complete to earn a stipend?

 Check your dashboard to see which modules have gray stars. The gray star indicates that you have not mastered the module. Therefore you can receive a stipend for mastering five modules with gray stars.

What is the deal with the UT Austin EID?

It is important that you DO NOT create two UT Austin EIDs as this will complicate your payment.  Before creating an UT Austin EID, as instructed in the survey, please confirm that you do not have an UT Austin EID, here.