Texas OnCourse Academy Reward Program

Texas OnCourse is pleased to provide financial rewards to Texas school counselors who complete modules in the Academy. Counselors receive $80 for each group of 5 modules they complete, for a maximum of $480.

The window to claim your rewards will be June 15-30, 2021

Our objective in offering this program is to encourage Texas counselors to access and engage with the most trustworthy, up-to-date information related to college and career advising. When we support the professional expertise of counselors, counselors are equipped to ensure students make the best decisions for their lives after high school.


Who Is Eligible?

K - 12 School Counselors employed in a Texas school or district qualify for rewards through this program. Your Academy occupation must be listed as “K - 12 School Counselor” in your Academy profile to qualify. We reserve the right to verify employment for reward requests.


Current Texas OnCourse fellows are not eligible to participate in the program.  Those who received the full $480 stipend during the 2020 summer program aren’t eligible to re-submit for additional rewards. If you earned partial rewards during the 2020 summer program and have since completed 5 or more modules, you may submit a request for the additional modules you have completed.


What you can earn

You can earn $80 for each distinct group of 5 modules you complete. If you complete all modules in the Academy, you qualify for a total of $480.


You cannot submit requests for modules you’ve already received a reward for.


Modules Completed 

Amount Awarded

Minimum of 5 


Minimum of 10


Minimum of 15


Minimum of 20


Minimum of 25





How and when to submit a request

We’re postponing the spring reward program window. Your next opportunity to request a reward will be from June 15-30th. 


Be sure you are signed up to receive emails from us!


After the submission window closes, we will begin payment processing. Payments will be processed within 30 days provided:


  1. You are certified as eligible
  2. You have a PIF (Payee Information Form) already on file
  3. If you don’t have a PIF on file, you complete one within a timely manner


Additional Questions:


Do I need a PIF (Payee Information Form) or UT Austin EID on file with the university to be paid?



Do I need to provide my SSN to complete a PIF?



How do I get a PIF on file? 

Submit the request form above and you will be contacted to complete a PIF to begin the payment process.  


I am a DACA recipient, do I qualify?



Where is my money?

Delay in payment could be due to not having a PIF on file. Check your email inbox and spam folder for the email you provided in the request form.


How do I update my email address? 



How do I change my occupation? 



Can I earn a stipend if I have received stipends in the past?

Yes. You can earn stipends for the modules you have completed since July 15th, 2019 even if you earned a stipend in the previous year.


What if I can’t remember when I completed the modules?

If you do not remember if you have completed the modules this academic year, go ahead and submit your request and our data team will confirm completion dates, and you will receive the reward amount you are eligible for.


How do I know which modules to complete to earn a stipend?

Please refer to the  "My Progress" page where they can see their overall progress, which modules have been completed and what is still left to complete.


What is the deal with the UT Austin EID?

It is important that you DO NOT create two UT Austin EIDs as this will complicate your payment.  Before creating an UT Austin EID, as instructed in the survey, please confirm that you do not have an UT Austin EID, here.