How do I use the new Academy? (Academy Navigation)


You can access the Academy courses from the main dashboard. 


Completing a course will award you a badge and a certificate. 

You can also access courses via the Courses link on the left-hand navigation pane.

Once you select the course you would like to explore, you'll see the course homepage.

This page includes general information about the course and its content.

To start reviewing the course modules, click on a module name from the course homepage, or use the Modules section in the course navigation on the left-hand side. 

Here you can access any part of the module.

Each module contains an introduction, a preassessment, several units, and an end-of-module assessment. 

Click on a page to view its content.

Then you can navigate between pages and units by selecting Next Up or Previous at the bottom.

To return to the course homepage, you can click on the Home link in the course navigation.