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I did not receive my registration or password reset email from Tomorrow Ready Texas. What should I do?

Sometimes some technical issues can get in the way of getting your password reset, here are some workarounds to try.

  1. First thing you can do is clear your Cache. This removes all the cookies that are installed on your computer and allows the website to reload with fresh content. Here are a list of instructions on how to clear your cache based on your browser:

Once you have cleared your cache, go to the Password Reset page (https://account.texasoncourse.org/passwords/reset ) and try to Reset your password again. 

  1. Check your spam or junk folder in case the reset was delivered there.
  2. You can add no-reply@texasoncourse.org to your contacts so we won't be flagged.
  3. You can also check with your school and district IT office to ensure that they allow our email domains (www.texasoncourse.org, and no-reply@texasoncourse.org) to come to your inbox.
    1. Here are the subject lines of emails that can be unblocked by Firewalls
      • Middle Galaxy Password Change
      • Password Change
      • Registration Confirmation
      • Middle Galaxy Registration Confirmation


If you are still having issues or no longer have access to your current email address, feel free to contact us through our Support Page (https://support.texasoncourse.org/kb-tickets/new)